The Family ADHD Solution

In this accessible guide, developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin demystifies ADHD and provides overwhelmed parents with:
  • Clear explanations of the biological causes of ADHD and the ins and outs of a thorough evaluation;
  • Common symptoms and how they extend far beyond inattention and hyperactivity;
  • Behavioral, educational, and medical approaches that increase academic and social success;
  • Research-proven, mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for parents that benefit the whole family;
  • Advice to help your child build self-esteem and healthy relationships with peers and with you.

Professional Endorsements

Mark Bertin has written an insightful guide to help families approach the challenges of attentional difficulties with a mindful approach. Research has suggested that learning to be mindfully aware can help reduce stress, focus the mind, keep emotions balanced, and even improve your immune function. The bottom-line of these studies is that you can learn to approach challenging situations with resilience. So why not take the small amount of time to read this wonderful book and prepare yourself and your family well for the challenges ahead?
–Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., author of Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation and Parenting from the Inside Out “

An excellent guide for families with children with ADHD. Mark Bertin not only explains the science behind how ADHD affects the brain, but also provides real tools and techniques for parents to both help their children succeed at home and academically, as well as restore balance to their lives.
–Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction

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