Ready to embrace your unpredictable, entertaining, and perfectly imperfect family—and watch your children thrive?

Parenting has never been easy. It brings a lot of stress and uncertainty with it, pushing us into patterns of reactivity and habit.

Our busy, high-pressure lives can make it feel even more challenging. And yet, not much has actually changed in terms of how children develop.

Grounding ourselves in what we value and what we know supports child development allows us to simplify our lives and step away from any pressure to be perfect parents.

Throughout my experience as a developmental pediatrician and parent, I’ve found that understanding how children develop “executive function”—the mental abilities used to coordinate and manage our lives—can make our decisions and interactions a lot easier. This is the core of my new book, How Children Thrive.

It is my hope that it will offer you a new level of comfort, ease, and fun with your family.

Wishing you well,
Mark Bertin

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